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Balanced Repair Cream

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Providing protection and balance.

For sensitive to normal skin. This soothing face cream penetrates quickly and compensates for wrinkles. It is a rejuvenation elixir for sensitive and combination skin. It reduces the formation of broken capillaries and rosacea.

Evening primrose oil helps in restoring a natural skin structure. The gel of Aloe Vera produces a rich and sufficiently moist skin. Argan oil is used to relieve acne, eczema and psoriasis. Carrot-jojoba oil provides a fine skin texture, while Neem tree oil has antibacterial properties. The skin is supplied with nutrients, protected and balanced. Lecithin strengthens the lamellar structure of the epidermis and has a long-lasting effect on moisturizing the skin. Extracts from plant roots strengthen the protective function in everyday life. Aloe vera butter, extracts of rhenania root extract, red palm kernel oil, acai berry, rosehip, St. John's wort flower, marigold, rosemary, and sunflower seed oils. Hops extract relieves inflammation.

After using Lovely Cleansing Milk or Powerful Face Tonic, apply the Balanced Face Cream. Alternatively, it can be used with the True Regeneration Serum for complete skin renewal.

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Content 50 ml