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Liz Luedemann, her Life

Despite taking good care of her skin, Liz began suffering from skin problems in the 1970s. Her dermatologist helplessly stated “I don’t know of any therapy for your skin problems. Skin care contains preservatives and synthetic ingredients are just not good for your skin, and there aren’t any other skin care products”.
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From a vision to solution

Liz’s vision took her on a journey to the university library of the city of Hamburg where she learnt about the composition of skin care products, and was shocked at the number of synthetic ingredients permitted. She continued studying, researching, and talking to Research and Development departments of leading producers of the cosmetics industry. They just smiled when she mentioned natural skin care, saying there was no market for it.
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liz luedemann


Her personality

In Hamburg Liz Luedemann was well connected in networks – in organisations of entrepreneurs, a women club, organisations of society. And she had quite a comfortable life, with an appartment at the beach of the Baltic See, in Timmendorfer Strand, with a swimming pool and sunny weekends and holidays.
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