Pulse diagnosis


An ayurvedic consultation: Nadi Pariksha

Nadi Pariksha or pulse diagnosis is a technique in which the Ayurveda physician places three fingers on the patient’s wrist. This way, the physician can very accurately determine both the physical and mental condition of the patient, as well as possible imbalance(s). Even possible risks for future health problems can be determined. Through Nadi Pariksha, the root cause of complaints becomes evident. Therefore, it becomes possible to treat the cause, rather than just the symptoms.

Ayurveda specialist Kiran Valsan explains that diseases develop in six stages. The order of these stages never changes:


1 A block causes imbalance in the dosha
2 The flow of the dosha is hampered and accumulation happens
3 The dosha overflows and starts to search for a weak spot in the body
4 In this particular spot a disease starts happening
5 The symptoms of the disease are experienced
6 The disease causes complications elsewhere




Kiran Valsan: “In every regular medical science, a disease is diagnosed only in the fourth or fifth stage. With pulse diagnosis, we can recognize it in a much earlier stage. The sooner the signs of a disease is discovered, the easier it is to prevent the disease from developing and manifesting itself.””



To prevent is better than to cure!