Faithful Mineral Emulsion

Balancing and giving nutrients.

For dry skin and combination skin. The tonic effect of aloe vera is quickly absorbed through the skin, leaving a silky feel. Natural-organic extracts from roots provide a protective barrier in everyday life.

Warming like a sunbeam, this emulsion moisturizes your facial skin leaving a light feeling of being invigorated. It protects against free radicals and gives the skin a natural glow. The natural softness of the skin is restored by organic seed oils. Oil of the African Redberry Palm contains vitamins A and E, tocopherol, tocotrienol, as well as carotenes - these strengthen the connective tissue by promoting cell regeneration. Natural minerals such as magnesium, silicon acid, calcium and potassium act in deeper regions of the skin and give it strength. The recipe contains rosemary, which is known for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as rich argan oil and the invigorating essence of the açai berry. Myrrh resins, evening primrose oil, extracts from the sea buckthorn seed. Rathania root extract has anti-aging properties and protects against free radicals.

Use the emulsion daily after the Lovely Cleansing Milk or the Powerful Face Tonic for a light and refreshed skin feel

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Content 125 ml