OJASVITA MALT drink with 7 power herbs: a healthy drink for all ages. For vitality and energy. No added sugar.

The power of 7 herbs:

  • Ashwagandha: helps building immunity

  • Brahmi: clear mind

  • Bringaraj: 'Rasajana' (ayurveda: rejuvenate)

  • Jyotismathi: for memory

  • Kali Musali: for strength

  • Satavari: nourishes body

  • Shankapushpi: helps increasing energy

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  • Mix with milk or water for a delicious hot or cold drink

  • Add to yoghurt

  • Topping for ice cream, breakfast cereals or pancakes

  • Use in homemade pastry, sweets or sauces

Ingredients: malt 80%, drinking chocolate 8,25%, milk solids 4,25%, cacao powder 3,5%, caramel 2,25%, vanilla flavour 0,66%, ashwagandha 0,19%, satavari 0,19%, kali musali 0,19%, brahmi 0,13%, bringaraj 0,13%, shankapushpi 0,13%, jyotishmati 0,05%. Preservatives E202, natural colours and artificial flavours. 

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Content 200 g
Vegetarian No