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Lalita is the joyful, vibrant, scintillating expression of the Self. A free consciousness, without cravings and aversions, well-founded in the Self, is naturally joyful and vibrant. This is the space of Lalita.


What is this book about ?
This book is about knowing the meaning of the different names of the devi, chanted in the Lalita Sahsranama.

Who is this book for ?
1. This book is for a person who reads the Lalita Sahsranama and listens to the Lalita Sahsranama.
2. For an experienced meditator.
3. For somebody who has had a glimpse of the consciousness. ( anybody who has practised Sudarshan Kriya).
4. For anybody who does swadhyaya.

How can the knowledge in the book help you ?
Listening to the chants innocently has its own benefit. Having a glimpse of the meaning, helps you to value the chants further and brings up appreciation and honor for the sacred mantras. This helps you to have a deeper experience. The Innocence in you is enhanced with wisdom. Knowing the meaning nourishes the intellect.

How will you benefit ?
Gives you practical tools to stay untouched by any negativity that life situations throw at you.

How to read this book ?
The book has to be read again and again. Each time you read, it opens up new dimensions of meaning of the chants. 

It gives you a deeper meaning and makes you wonder in amazement.