Ayodhya War and Peace

Book softcover; 21,5 x 14 cm; 159 pag.
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Ayodhya is the city founded by the Suryavamsa dynasty kings. Rama was born and ruled from there 7100 years ago. This Solar dynasty lineage spread not only to differents parts of India but also to differents parts of the world, spreading their notibility. This work traces the history of Ayodhya and this lineage through the lands, through the times. Ayodhya and the values of Rama stood for, have been an inspiration to all these people through all these times. In the last 500 years, Ayodhya has been all the crossroads of history. This book offers a Pan Theo solution not just to disentangle ourselves from the present imbroglio alone but more importantly to rejuvenate Ayodhya once again as an inspirational city for values to live by, in times to come.