Enlightenment plus CD

Square book paperback plus CD; 14 x 14 cm; 150 pag.
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Enlightenment is a connection with the universal spirit, realizing that you are part of it. Living in unconditionnal love without any effort. Being like an open book, being natural. All these qualities are there in every individual, it only needs a little nurturing and it starts blossoming. So when you walk, walk like you are enlightened, you are open, you are like a child, and you are free - emotionally, mentally and intellectually. Enjoy the freedom. When you dont have any cravings and aversions of your own, then you can give yourself a certificate that you are enlightened. Clear heart, clear mind and clairty in action are all part of enlightenement.   Countains 'Contradictions in the Mind' a video talk by H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar