Sandalwood Essential Oil - 5 ml

Suitable for all body types and doshas (Tridosha)

Exclusive sandalwood essential oil traditionally comes from India. The Indian sandalwood tree is processed into precious incense, fragrant care products and excellent essential aromatic oil. Authentic pure sandalwood oil is very rare and sales are controlled by the state.

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Our sandalwood line is imbued with great purity, sensuality and naturalness: pure ayurvedic wellness with real sandalwood.

Indian white sandalwood from Mysore enchants in our ayurveda wellness line sandalwood with its velvety-warm note. The sensual, soft-woody sandalwood fragrance works together with our special ayurveda herbal oil Taila regulating all constitutions. The Taila herbal oil with Guduchi and Amla, which is produced in a complex, traditional ayurvedic procedure, regulates and nourishes the skin. Shea butter and valuable organic vegetable oils such as wild rose oil, almond oil and macadamia nut oil ensure pleasant suppleness. Sandalwood hydrolates, red and white sandalwood powder complete the special, aphrodisiac character.

Sandalwood has been used for ritual ceremonies and incenses for millennia. Sandalwood is attributed to purifying properties which transform from matter to spirit. The high-quality sandalwood is one of the "sacred" plant buds, which have a positive effect on the mindset because of its particularly beautiful, inspiring aroma.

An exotic enchanting fragrance with ayurvedic effect for a complete ayurvedic lifestyle.

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Essential aromatic oil for all skin types and doshas (Tridosha).

Store in a cool place.

Content: 5 ml.

Contains: sandalwood pure essential oil (Santalum spicatum). Steam distillation of fresh sandalwood, state-controlled sales.


Manufacturer COSMOVEDA, Australia

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Content 5 ml
Eigenschappen Vegetarian